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Woven Delights from Sahil and Sarthuk

Woven Delights from Sahil and Sarthuk

Two young designers Sahil Bagga & Sarthak Sengupta are making a splash with their innovative and playful designs. Their goal is to preserve the tradition and skills of local artisans in India by employing them in new and contemporary designs.  Their designs appear in boutique hotels, restaurants, and residences worldwide. Below are their Katran table lamps. Katran means "small pieces of left-over cloth", which are the by-product of India's incredible fabric industry. It's nice to see these cloth remnants collected, spun into ropes, and hand woven onto blacksmith made metal frames.

The  Katran "Stork" chair was showcased in the "Cappellini Next Exhibition" during Milan furniture fair 2012. Exhibition has also travelled to Bruxelles in June 2012. 

a Katran chair detail

The "Pelican" chair below is available a number of colorful options

In addition to creating furniture and lighting; Sahil and Sarthuk also design interiors



The lamp below is called a Choori lamp.  Choori in Hindi means Glass Bangle. This lamp is inspired from Indian women who use clothes hangers to store their glass bangles.

This fun piece is called is a "Beetle Puffer Seat" which explores different knitting techniques using a women's self-help group from Haryana. 

This lamp is a part of their Longpi collection; a unique tradition of potterry from Manipur. The spouted backside of the lamp allows a handy grip for moving the floor lamp. The cane woven basket acts as a filter for soft lighting.


Sources:  Sahil & Sarthuk

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