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Twisted Timepieces

Twisted Timepieces

The clocks and timepieces conceived by Eric Frietas are the product of a fevered brain.  Each piece is finely built of harvested metal bits,  intricately cut steel, and salvaged clock motors. Little by little Eric studied the dying craft of clockmaking to bring to life his own intricate machines. It took him almost a year of making his own tools (and a lot of mistakes) before he heard the first tick. This is appropriately called no. 6

over 1,000 pieces of steel were cut for the clock above

drawing of a watch design, and yes it is available as a tatoo

actual  watch, but I advise the tatoo if you're wearing knits...



Chain detail of a clock. In Eric's twisted designs you see that he plays with simple taken-for-granted components like this chain. Here he puts arabesque flourishes in places where they don't affect the function but do transform the design. A chain, or a gear, or a spring doesn't have to be boring.

No. 7

the artist







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