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Tranformative Designs

Tranformative Designs

Great new ideas by Nazar Sigaher; a talented product designer from Turkey.  The clock constantly changes its form as time passes.  Sigaher specializes in transformative product design.

This stool by Sigaher is easily assembled without fittings or attachments

The rising chair and table below by Robert Van Embricqs emphasize the natural shape an object can made by transforming itself.

The center of the table features a set of wooden beams “woven” into a lattice-like pattern using a few screws. The fluid and flexible form of the table allows it to be simply lifted and fixed into place while the pull of gravity ensures that the crisscrossed mesh of wooden beams automatically fall into place to transform themselves into “legs” of the table. Using the same principles as a wheeled ambulance stretcher, the Rising Table concept is able to automatically retract its legs on its top being lifted up from the ground.

The rising chair (below) works on this same concept.  

Sources:  Robert Van EmbricqsNazar Sigaher

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