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Those Crazy Campanas Brothers

Those Crazy Campanas Brothers

Fernando and Humberto Campanas didn't start out wanting to be the most revered designers in Brazil.  Humberto was actually a practicing  attorney who enjoyed dabbling in sculpture.  His architect brother Fernando, convinced him to change direction and they partneered to try their hand at making furniture from recycled materials in 1983--they never looked back.  Their originality and whimsy gained them a huge following and critical acclaim. Awarded Best Designer status at this year’s Salon de Maison et Objet, the Campanas' were given carte blanche at Paris’ biggest design venue, the Musée des Arts Décoratifs in the exhibition Barroco Rococo until 24 February 2013.

this exhuberant gothic sofa stole the show

it would be a shame to place this against a wall!

corrugated cardboard ceiling detail at the Maison et Obet show

The brothers’ stay away from straight-edged minimalist works; focusing instead on the handicraft and recycled ‘street’ look that has been central to their work.


the Campanas brothers relaxing after a hard day of creating things


the Vermelha armchair is their most known chair.  It takes a number of days to manually build the seat by hand a high degree of weaving expertise is needed. Five hundred metres of special rope with an acrylic core, covered in cotton, are woven onto the frame to create a structure and then plaited by consecutive overlapping, leaving sufficient surplus to form a kind of random weave which creates an unusual padding.

chair detail

paying homage to the Thonet with a few playful touches

the backside of a sushi chair.  A small number of these chairs are produced in the studio each year and mad from rolled felt around a metal structure.  each chair is numbered.

detail of a sushi sofa

fun with plastic tubes 

tribal gothic armoire unveiled at the Maison et Obet


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