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RSS feeds

A great way to keep and eye on what's happening at FarFetchers is to subscribe to an RSS feed. You will get notifications in your feed reader whenever their is an update but they won't be in your email inbox to clutter things up. Give it a try and see if you like it, you can easily unsubscribe later if it's not for you.

FarFetchers has several feeds that you can follow, depending on your interests. Get the URL for the feed (right click on the feed link and 'copy' the link address) then 'subscribe' to it in your feed reader. Some great feed readers include Outlook, NetNewsWire, Google Reader, and Thunderbird to name a few. 

  • Combined feed: This feed has all new products and blog posts.
  • Pat's blog feed: usually focuses on vintage furniture but does not have all new products.
  • Blythe's blog feed: covers product design and unique finds from all over the world but does not have all new products.