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Over The Top in the UK

Over The Top in the UK


Les Trois Garcons design with unfettered exuberance.  Their restaurant in London (below) was formerly an old pub, but the renovation is a lavish example of tongue in cheek design;  from the suspended handbags to the bejeweled taxidermy and overscaled bling.  it is a must to check out if you are in town.

Les Trois also renovated the Chateau de la Goujeonnerie (shown in renovated glory below) which was built in 1872 and sat derelict for a many years.  it has been beautifully but wittily restored and is available for that special wedding or party - just make sure to invite us.)

Loungelovers, in the meat-packing district, is another project by Les Trois and located on one of East London's bleakest stretches of road.  It's glam interior is totally at odds with the dreary neighborhood so be prepared when you enter. . Stogie smoking monkeys, dogs in tiaras and a giant hippo are mixed in with human anatomy charts.  The furniture is eclectic as well contrasting banquettes, sofas and ornate chairs against simple wood and glass tables.  Lighting is over the top as would be expected. We suggest multiple visits and cocktails to take it all in. Food is Japanese and it's considered one of the best cocktail bars in East London.

Cheetah enjoying a fine cohiba

another interior shot at Loungelover

...a regal resident at Les Trois

Sources:  Les Trois Garcons, The World of Interiors


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