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Over the top elegance

Over the top elegance

Henryote & Cie is one of the oldest seat joinery manufacturer's in France. Founded in 1867 the company has prospered as it was passed down from generation to generation;  Dominique Roitel is the current owner and proprietor of this venerable company.  His philosophy is to combine their tradition of craftsmanship and old world knowledge of furniture with contemporary designs.  This has proven to be very successful for them as they have become well known aroound the globe for their fabulous work. Just a few of their pieces are shown below.

Little outdoor table and chair exhibited at Maison Objet in Paris

Aptly named the "mermaid sofa"  this beautiful piece was designed by Dominique Roitel and comes in a number of colors

Intricate detailing of one of their leather covered mini-bars

A luxurious place to take a nap....

Detail of the outdoor table

The workshop of Henryot & Cie at Liffol-le Grand, France

For Laduree

You might not expect this great rustic bar from them

sources:  Henryot & Cie

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