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Industrial Surprises This Week

Industrial Surprises This Week

There is a practicality and refinement of Industrial furniture (especially French industrial) that is a constant inspiration to me.  Some of the pieces below are available this week and some are not - but they are all a little different and unique...

Turquoise blue pendant (source unknown.)

1930's industrial metal poster panels available from France.  

Early English salvaged fluorescent fixtures by GEC circa 1950 from Skin Flint Design; a great store in the UK

What?  Ceiling pendants are mounted to the wall instead. Available from France

Strange little industrial chair available from France

Stunning batch of English prismatic industrial pendants by Holophane salvaged from the National Turbine Test Facilities at Pystock Fleet UK 1950.They manufactured Concorde, Harrier, and Tornado jet engines for over 50 years. 

Fantastic old metal chairs and 1830's bobbin display currently available (France). Many French industrial salvaged items come from old garment factories, which lends this display authenticity.

Galvanized pendant with pops of color (source unknown)

1950's industrial bent ply sofa currently available (France)

1940's dentist chair used in the army (France) super sturdy for tooth extractions....


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