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Hot Spots Paris

Hot Spots Paris

my friend Diane is going to Paris for the first time this spring, so it made me think of some of the great places she'd want to visit.  below are a few of my favorite shops out of the tourist mainstream.

Sugar Plum Cake Shop:  forget croissants;  you have to try a piece of Laurel's carrot cake when you vist.  Laurel hails from Charleston and the recipe has been passed down from her grandmother, so it is perfect for a homesick traveler who has had their fill of patisseries.   They are also causing a buzz with their amazing cakes.  Pictured below from left:  Laurel, usually you'll see her at the front in the coffee bar, Taylor, baker extrodinaire from Vancouver BC, and Krista, head decorator.  

Sugarplum at 68 rue du Cardinal Lemoine

Dessert, floor toppping AND work of art!  Their cakes have been featured in Vogue and Brides. Not bad for the short time they've been open.

Another  great restaurant is Grazie, located in a raw industrial space near the center of the Marais. It's rough, but somehow retains it's Parisian feeling. Check out the lighting fixtures which are currently featured at Trainspotters. The pizza is wonderful too.

Glory is in the details and depth of finishes....

Chatomat is a little hole-in-the-wall restaurant that recently opened to rave reviews in Menilmontant - a funky mixed neighborhood in East Paris.  it's becoming known for both it's food and interiors which are quite simple; exposed brick, industrial, and light finishes.  Check out the cod fritters....

Coutume is a new coffee roastery in Paris that offers an exclusive selection of pure origin coffees. The designers found a typical raw Parisian space after demolition, and played up the laboratory feel with square white tiles, grid lighting, stainless steel, plastic curtains and lab glassware. Designed by CUT Architecture

Sources: Sugarplum Cake Shop, Voguesparis, Paris by Mouth

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