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The Golden Age of Travel

The Golden Age of Travel

Beautiful luggage encapsulates all the glamour and decadence of the golden age of travel. The  pieces below are both old and new and harken to a time when the journey was as important as the destination. We have had several requests for vintage luggage; especially Louis Vitton. The travel biblioteque below was used by Ernest Hemingway in 1923 and the model is extremely rare.  


Another great piece was the innovative Vitton armoire.  This sleek design offered more creative storage than ever.  It's the largest piece in the company’s vintage collection, measuring 100 (height) x 65 x 65 cms and included hanging space.


These beautiful crocodile suitcases  were made in the 1930's for Karen Blixen.  Hermès unearthed them in their archives and they think that since they were never used, they must never have been sent to her in Kenya. The sterling silver and tortoiseshell pieces are engraved with a crown and the initials DBF which stands for Dineson Blixen-Finecke, a combination of her maiden and married names.


Beautiful 18th c.canvas and leather vintage Hermes luggage; available through Christies May 19th, South Kensington Branch.

Vintage Dunhill leather case (also available at the Christies auction.)

Louis Vitton tea set; part of the vintage collection.

The beautiful trio below is from Norton MacCullough and Locke from England.  Although new, Norton's aim is to preserve traditional leather-working techniques and bespoke craftsmanship. Their beautiful pieces are one-of-a-kind, and feature details such as gold plated locks and hardware. Hand-finished. Alcantara linings, precisely fitted removable trays, and engraved mirrors are featured on the inside lids of dressing cases.

They also design jewelry boxes, trunks, hat boxes, suitcases, humidors, watch cases, travel desks, attaché cases, games sets and drinks cases.

As part of their Bespoke collection; Rolls Royce offers a nifty picnic basket for $30,000.

A vintage 1905 basket by Rolls is currently being offered for sale for half the price of the new version.

For a spontaneous celebration; try this champagne case by Swaine Adeney Brigg; a venerable British company founded in 1750, which has been supplying the British royal court with leather travel goods for decades.

It is made from the finest bridle leather using traditional methods in a workshop not far from Cambridge. One employee is always personally responsible for the quality of each individual product, and his or her name can be found on a card in each bag or case.:

Sources:  Louis Vitton; Porhomme; Norton; Rolls Royce

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