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Furniture Finds in Brooklyn

Furniture Finds in Brooklyn


Hangers never looked so good.  This unusual pendant lamp made from 25 plastic hangers rotated around a central bulb, is crafted by Sonic Design in Brooklyn.  Their goal was to liberate the hanger from it's dark, and lonely existence, so if you decide to purchase, please keep the light on......


Made from discarded walnut scraps, this table is a stunning example of deconstructivism in furniture design.  By Saftiuk Conservatory.

A unique four-sized storage box that can open on all four sides.  by Takeshi Miyakawa.

This jewel-like wallpaper is one of many handpainted designs by Eskayel, from Brooklyn New York.  Each design is handpainted and reproduced on recycled material. 

Shanon Campanro, founder and designer of Eskayel.

Named in honor of 1940's stride pianist Arthur Tatum,  this unique lounge chair by Thomas Rumple of Nine Stories Furniture, is repurposed from an abandoned upright found on the streets of Brooklyn. The seat is thin and nearly transluscent; setting off the beautiful framework of this chair.  Despite it's delicate appearance, this chair could easily seat your largest guest. It is composed of 36 mortise and tenons and 25 ivories.  Think of this chair next time you listen to  "Handful of Keys" 


Do you ever wonder what to do with your keys, coats, and bags when you come home?  This hallway table designed by Big Prototype serves a multitude of purposes. 

Um Projects used the exact dimensions of a true milking stool their updated design.  The great proportion combined with multiple color choices make this a must use for home or dairy.  

All the designers above are represented by Voos Furniture; who are dedicated  to celebrating and showcasing fresh new design in NYC and beyond.  Voos is located in a 1500sq space in the heart of Brooklyn.



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