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About FarFetchers

At FarFetchers we search the world for vintage and artisan made objects which are one-of-a-kind and embody the best of design. When we find something we blog about it but we don't stop there. If you can buy it we'll also put it in our catalog for easy purchase. Think of us as a design blog but instead of showing interiors we concentrate on the objects and we catalog them so you can buy them.  After all we are not just finders we are also fetchers.


We are always looking for more great products or new designers. If you have discovered something you want to share drop us a line: We'd love to hear from you.


We were founded by and for designers. For more than a decade we’ve been using vintage and artisan-made pieces in residential and retail designs. Not to recreate period interiors but to push the envelope of contemporary design. Combing the world's salvage yards, antique shops, and flea markets for those unique "knock your socks off" pieces we ended up with some nice designs but more importantly with a trusted network of dealers, artisans, agents, and shipping services.

The network we bring to FarFetchers started with many dealers in what is the largest market of vintage objects in the world, the Paris Flea Market. If you’ve been there you know that it is huge, with some 3000 dealers covering ten square city blocks. 175,000 people can visit it on any given weekend and so it has a gigantic inventory turnover. But we haven't stopped there. The world has so may deep veins of treasure to mine and not all is vintage. Some the the most interesting objects come from the hot new designers. If it is uncommon and beautiful we're looking for it.

So whether you are just looking for ideas or you need to fill out an entire home or retail space. Come shop with us. You never know what you’ll find.